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Empty Easel is Publishing My Article on Tuesday

You’ve Organized Your Studio But What About Your Office?

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You’ve Organized Your Studio, But What About Your Office?

Your Office Can Be Organized – Really!

Quick and East Lists and Tips for Organizing Your Office

Your studio may be so organized that finding that tube of cadmium red or your favorite 3B graphite pencil is never a problem.  But what about your office?

Oh no!  Not again!  Where IS that file?  I have to call my art patron in 20 minutes and I’ve misplaced the information that I need to make that call!  I know it’s here somewhere…

How often do you have this conversation with yourself?  Daily?  Even more frequently?  And how much time and money have you lost this year as a result of misplacing information in your office?

Now, picture this:  Your office is organized.  Everything is in its logical place, and it’s easy to maintain.  No more rummaging through stacks of paper, files tossed here and there.  No more notes written to yourself on tiny bits of paper that are blown around your office by the slightest breeze (typically that breeze is you rummaging through those stacks of paper and files!).  And, no more time and money lost as a result of lost files and information!

You want to get your office organized, and I can help you.

Having and maintaining an organized office ultimately saves you time and money.  It saves you time by allowing you to quickly find exactly what you are looking for when you need it, and it saves you money when you know exactly what you have in your office and you aren’t purchasing duplicate  items.

Cluttered Office

Clutter is counter-productive.  Once you rid your office of any and all items that are unnecessary to your productivity, and organize what you actually need, you will find that your work flows much more smoothly.

First, I suggest that you clear out your office completely, clean the windows, walls and floors, then begin to place the items on the list below back into your office.  You only need the items listed.  Everything has a place, either on your desk, in your desk, in your file cabinet, or in your bookcase.  Let’s begin.

What you need in your office (It’s less than you think!)


•Desk w/drawers

•Comfortable chair on wheels

•Computer w/printer & fax


•File cabinet

•Paper shredder with wastebasket attached

•Bookcase for books & periodicals pertinent to work

•Adequate lighting for entire office and for desk work

•1-2 chairs for visitors

•Artwork for walls

Items that you need at your desk in order to perform your work:

•To Do list – write each night & prioritize; bring it w/you every day

•Large notebook–to write notes re:  things to do, events to plan, i.e., everything you need to remember

•Telephone log book w/carbon copies to record all incoming calls

•Small note pad to record notes re:  prospects & client conversations (to be filed in client or prospect files)

•Business cards

•Cell phone

•File folders and file folder labels

•Telephone Directory

•Letter opener, paper clips, stapler, staple remover & staples

•1-2 personal items for desktop


•Contract forms, fax forms & receipt book

•Post-it notes

•Business cards of others

•Paper shredder with wastebasket attached under or next to desk

Where to keep these items:

Keep on desk:

•Computer – printer w/ fax either on desk or within arm’s reach

•Telephone & telephone log book

•To Do list

•Large notebook

•Small note pad

•Business cards

•Cell phone

Keep in Desk:

•File folders & file folder labels

•Telephone Directory


•Letter opener

•Paper clips, staples & staple remover

•The pen that you are not using

•Contracts; fax forms; receipt book

•Post-it notes

•Business cards of others

Keep in File Cabinet:

•Art patron files

•Prospect files

•Event files

Neat Office

A few additional tips to help you become organized and maintain your organization:

•Write It Down! You cannot expect to remember everything everyday.  Those things that you write in your large notebook will be immediately accessible.  Be certain to write in the date for each item.

•Bring your To Do list with you each day.  Cross off each item as you accomplish it and move any undone items to tomorrow’s To Do list.

•Do not take your large notebook, or any paperwork or files, home.  Keep your work at work.  The one exception:  If you have a client/prospect meeting in the morning before you go in to the office, take the file pertaining to that meeting home with you.

•Create new files as you go and file papers/notes into them immediately; file in file cabinet alphabetically.

I sincerely hope that YOUR OFFICE CAN BE ORGANIZED – REALLY! inspires you to rid your office of any and all items that are unnecessary to your productivity.  Remember:  Clutter is counter-productive.  Everything has a place, either on your desk, in your desk, in your file cabinet, or in your bookcase, and you need only the furniture listed.

One last thing, if the air quality in your office is poor, you might add a living philodendron or an air purifier; place it in your bookcase.

Enjoy being more organized and spending more time in the STUDIO!


Carol Taylor Black and White… The ART BLOG!

Beache b&w


to Carol Taylor Black and White… The ART BLOG!  I am a visual artist and I love drawing and painting. Although my preferred medium is charcoal pencil on Bristol paper, I enjoy working in Caran d’Ache Aquarelle and mixed media as well.
The exploration of scriptural references to art and artists is particularly interesting to me and I work both representationally and abstractly using the portrait, figure, living creatures and their artifacts, nature, and still life as my impetus.  I marvel at God’s creation.  My greatest desire is that the attention of those who view my artwork will be drawn to God and that they will see Him through my artwork.
My drawings, paintings, and pencil portraits can also be viewed at:
To commission a pencil portrait (children and/or adult, or pet), or to purchase my artwork, please visit:
Questions?  E-mail me at CarolTaylorArt[@]gmail[dot]com
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Carol Taylor

Carol Taylor Black and White (Not Everything is Black and White)

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