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Fine Art Collection

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 Fine Art Collection

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The 10-Minute Artist eBook Now Available!

each YEAR!

–       A practical guide to making time for making ART for those who are not full-time artists, i.e., those who teach, work in advertising or marketing, manage museums or galleries, or have careers in various other professions.

–       Will show you that ART experiences are cumulative… that you can make entire ARTworks by working just 10 minutes at a time.

–       Although written from the viewpoint of an artist who makes drawings, this book is applicable to any ART pursuit.

–       If you simply haven’t found the time to make ART, this book is for you!

Ó  2010 Carol L. Taylor

Now Available at my Shoppe

Carol Taylor Fine Art

Photograph on left, view out of my studio window.


Commissioning an Illustrator for Your Children's Book The 10-Minute Artist Drawing with Charcoal - Art Lesson 1 Drawing with Charcoal - Art Lesson 2 Painting with Caran d'Ache Aquarelle Watercolor Crayons



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