Experimenting with Short Videos… Drawings, Paintings, and Playing



There’s nothing more enjoyable than experimenting with new art forms… and a couple of nights ago, I began experimenting with the iMovie application on my new MacBook! In the life of the ARTIST (that would be me), one thing leads to the next, hmmmm… and here’s what happened. I created a short movie, “Painting Fantasy Parrot Tulips,” about a watercolour painting that I’m working on taken from “Tulipa III,” an image that I have previously drawn in charcoal pencil that is in my Artwork gallery here on my website. 

Then, I created my new Art Video Journal: CarolsNewArtTimes (my new YouTube site), and uploaded the movie. Quickly realizing what fun I’ve been missing, I created 3 more movies. I realize that they are simply quick studies… they need the ambient sound deleted and perhaps music and/or VOs added… They are “Tulipa Series,” “Pencil Portraits” and “Experimental Film-Preshy” (my black and white Tuxedo cat pictured above). 

You can view them on CarolsNewArtTimes at: 


I’ll be interested in your views on them.

Originally published on my website July 12, 2008.

Precious. Photograph.

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Photograph on left, view out of my studio window.


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