Spring is here… time for Tulipa

Among the daffodils and crocus poking their blossoms through the just-thawed soil in the garden, the first signs of spring include the Tulip.

I have long been attracted to the distinct beauty of the red and white Parrot Tulip.  I am mesmerized by the high contrast as well as the ruffled edge of this Tulip’s petals which provide a strong sense of movement to the viewer.  

Tulipa I

In drawing the Parrot Tulip, I attempted to emphasize that strong color contrast and the undulating petal-edge movement.  I’ve enjoyed creating each drawing in The Tulipa Series, finding each more challenging than the last.  The Tulipa Series includes:  Tulipa I; Tulipa II; Tulipa III; Tulipa, Preparing the Bouquet; Emerging from the Night, and Anatomy of the Bulb.

  Although the Tulipa drawings, to a certain extent, are representational, I consider them abstract drawings due to the high contrast of the blacks and greys of the charcoal on smooth white Bristol board. 

To view The Tulipa Series, please click here.
Tulipa I.  Charcoal Pencil.


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